Genius Arsene Wenger on Languages

Interview with Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager. He speaks lots of languages! Here he describes how he learnt the languages, his motivation of learning new languages and its importance of languages in getting to know different cultures and kinds of people.

Football Legend Arsene Wenger.


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  1. jumpingpolarbear

    Wenger is very smart indeed. Needs a title with Arsenal this season though, or it may be his last year!

    • Yeah i think Arsenal fans have waited long enough! He would would never be sacked at Arsenal after what he has done for the club. Would be a real shame for the fans and Arsene Wenger if this is his last season to not go out winning a trophy.

      • jumpingpolarbear

        For sure. I remember in the 90s when he totally changed the way Arsenal played. Their offense was amazing, and it would be cool if he can top it of with another Premier League trophy. I bet Arsenal fans would also like to get a CL trophy after that painful loss to Barcelona a couple of years ago :).

      • Yeah when Arsenal had the likes of Tony Adams, David Seamen, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Ray Parlour, Viera so many great players in the 90s early 2000 they were such a brilliant team. Arsenal used to have a kind of magical bond at Highbury and ever since they moved to Emirates i think something has always been missing.

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